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Karishma Manchanda

Master Instructor & Modern Spiritual Life Coach

About Karishma Manchanda

An MBA Grad, with over a decade of corporate experience, finally gave in to her inner calling of serving humanity in her own way.

A groundbreaking thought leader who is the Founder and Master Instructor at Inner Freedom – The School for Re-engineering Consciousness. She is a writer, a therapist, and a spiritual teacher. Her passion for the realization of human potential matches her concern for humanity’s impending crises—her fervent wish is that we “wake up in time.”

After designing countless training programs for corporations, she now conducts masterclasses to help people re-write their life script. Karishma beautifully amalgamates science and spiritual psychology with holistic healing to bring about the best in people. She emphasizes on restoring the connection with All That Is, to release limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. She is passionate about spreading the awareness that every human being is capable of manifesting love and abundance. She helps people to break free from the shackles of psychological limitations and societal conditioning and preaches to embrace the shadow self, rather than hiding it. She has helped many seekers overcome the trauma they have been holding on to. Karishma is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA) and is well versed with concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, etc. She is also a certified Reiki Master and a Serenity Surrender Practitioner.

Karishma has been on her inner journey since she was a teenager. She has been onto her inner journey since the last 15 years and has been conducting workshops & personal therapy sessions for over 8 years now. She now consolidates her work into well-designed workshops, training many – including other therapists in the field of past life healing and somatic techniques.

On a more personal level, Karishma is a dynamic individual with many talents: teacher, healer, writer, and co-heart. She is well-loved for her integration of mind, body, and spirit, shoring up the inequalities between masculine and feminine, and her dream of co-creating Heaven on Earth. She feels deeply concerned about the state of our world, in terms of ecology, ethics, politics, and religion. Feeling that individual and cultural transformation are intrinsically related, Karishma supports a path to empowerment and balance through the teaching of life-affirming paths of wisdom. This is achieved through reclaiming our bodies, the environment, and our connection to both Heaven and Earth.

She is a dynamic and experienced keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and visionary, dedicated to healing our world and evolving human consciousness.


Credentials & Accolades:

  • Keynote Speaker and Brand Ambassador of Illuminate the Souls by Magicka
  • Most Influential Healer Award 2018 by Life Positive
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA)
  • Advance Hypnotic Techniques & Modalities such as Past Life Therapy, Age Regression & Inner Child Healing (California Hypnosis Institute, USA)
  • Sexuality, Behavioral Issues & Medical Concepts (California Hypnosis Institute, USA)
  • Master Energy Healer for Chakra Balancing and Opening Higher Chakras
  • Serenity Surrender (Basic, Paver, Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine, Evolution, Advanced Evolution Cycle, etc).
  • Law of Attraction, Reiki Master (William Lee Rand Lineage), Theta Meditation, Mindfulness, Meditation and many more…


Her Mission

Karishma’s goal has always been to promote sacred knowledge for the transformation of individuals and culture. The name Inner Freedom refers to the joy of living each moment to the fullest- without the limitations of human conditioning.

The Vision of Inner Freedom – The School for Reengineering Consciousness is first and foremost to restore the connection to the sacred. Too many of us have lost touch with the invaluable resources we hold within.

By un-learning and re-learning to the sacredness of our existence and techniques permeate through our limitations of ever stressful life – using the techniques to ground and center self – by returning to spiritual practices such as meditation, healing, ritual, trance, and by allowing ourselves to focus within, we can achieve deeper contact, understanding, and living. We can enjoy the benefits of a powerful reconnection with ourselves, each other, and the grand web of life.

At Inner Freedom, we feel that training yourself to dig deep into the within and tapping into the sacred space there, we inform all other actions in the mundane world, rendering them more meaningful and effective in our everyday lives.

We do not endorse or condemn any particular religion. We believe that there are many paths to the sacred that are viable for different individuals and cultures. This universal system can be embraced and practiced through any religious framework.

At a time when the world seems to be falling apart, we seek ways to come together, to find our common ground, our universal spirit, and contribute to an awakened global heart. At Inner Freedom, we provide you with the tools you need – mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually, and help you join a like-minded community of people to explore the vast possibilities through a myriad of workshops, retreats, and summits, reaping the many benefits that come from reconnecting and celebrating the sacred sources within.