Soul Profile Reading & Clearing and Distant Healing

Do you often wonder: “What’s been holding you back in life and how can you move forward?” The greatest storehouse of infinite knowledge you will ever explore awaits you in your Akashic Record – The Book of Life. You have recorded every step you have taken in every lifetime and the wisdom you’ve amassed is there for you to access now in this New Age.
The road of life can be turbulent and full of ups and downs, but the map for the journey you’re meant to take can be found by accessing your Akashic Record or The Book of Life. The Akashic Records, can be equated to the universe’s super-computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. From this particular library of all your records, guided by your questions, the information is channelled straight from the Source to gain clarity about your life purpose. You will also know how your past lives are affecting you in this lifetime. You will be able to find the answers your soul needs to move forward with certainty.
In the fifth dimensional era where nothing is bound by time and space, distant healing does not lose its efficacy when done even across borders. Working with an Akashic Empowerment Expert can give you profound results.

Soul Profile Reading and Clearing

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    A 10-15 page detailed reading based on your Akashic Records Reading and intuitive guidance received by connecting with the Creator energy will be provided. This reading will elaborate on the journey of your soul, the difficulties you are facing and most importantly, it answers some of the ‘why’s which intellectually we are not able to find answers for. The reading will include the minimum of the following:

    Type of your Soul based on the journey of your spiritual evolution

    Soul’s personality type based on 9-Ray System

    The level of consciousness

    The number of spiritual guides

    How this Soul is known and loved in the Akashic Records

    Light Quotient of Soul. Light Quotient imbibed in the present life

    The degree of your connection with the Higher Self or Creator

    Prominent Gender-based energy of the Soul.

    Key Themes of this lifetime

    Major Soul blocks and Negative programs that are influencing your current incarnation

    Foreign Energy Presence, if any, of

    Negative Guides/Disguised Spirits

    Soul memory problems

    Entity attachments or Earthbound spirits attachments

    Negative thoughtforms


    Energy cords present

    Presence of any curse, black magic or similar energies

Distant Healing with Akashic Intelligence

Once the session is booked, you will be guided for he session in a step by step manner. We promise to ensure 100% confidentiality and will seek commitment from the seeker to reveal all aspects of the issue with highest integrity.

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    Once you fix the appointment, bank details are shared with you. Energy Exchange is Rs 3000/- per session (please note that 1-4 sessions may be required depending on the complexity of the case).

    You may choose to meditate or pray on that day or before the session. It works just as distant healing does. A special prayer is sent in advance to be done that day that allows easy access to your Akashic Records, though not mandatory.

    A telephonic discussion to understand the core issue is important.

    A three-card reading to give you deeper clarity on what has happened in the past, your current Soul energy and the result of the healing (provided the issue has been thoroughly healed since these are karmic patterns and may need multiple sessions).

    Accessing your Akashic records. A WhatsApp recording of the past life (ves) witnessed will be shared. We sometimes go to the time when the Soul was first created and the first split took place. This allows us to identify the key themes that the Soul must evolve through in order to move further on their Soul journey.

    Scan of the limiting beliefs and Karma/Karmic patterns revealed that needs to be healed.

    Healing of the limiting beliefs registered in the Soul memory.

    Areas that may need to be addressed later to witness profound healing.

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