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Awakening: The Sacred Chakra System (Whatsapp Workshop)

August 15, 2019 - September 14, 2019
INR 2500

About the Workshop:

The Awakening is an Online workshop on the sacred chakra system, designed by with Karishma Manchanda – Fitness Instructor for your Soul

If you haven’t found a healing practice for body & spirit to make you feel grounded, whole, and more spiritually aligned, then this workshop is for you. This is a specially designed workshop for you if you wish to learn how to work with the energy system and use the sacred chakra system to transform your life.

In Yogic tradition, the human body has seven energy centers called chakras. When these energy centers are healthy and open, so are we–physically, emotionally, and in our relationships. But when they are blocked through injury, illness, or disconnection from others, we are blocked from being our best selves.

Discover the network of seven energy centers that form a vertical column in your body and learn how they can offer a powerful system for healing and awakening to personal growth. The chakras help us to focus on goals clearly and by learning to recognize the patterns of our world, we can reach a place of clarity and deep wisdom.

This course offers a complete guide to understanding, working with and developing your connection to your chakra system. The three lowest chakras relate to our personal relationship to self; we then focus our attention on our relationship with others in the central chakras and eventually we are ready to enter the more refined state of consciousness of the upper chakras.
This bundle of information focuses on information about Chakras that a modern-day man understands. The techniques of Chakra Healing for working with your chakras offers you a wide pallet for your personal and professional transformation. With practices you can use for the rest of your life, this valuable resource helps you navigate your way to better health, expanded awareness, and joy.

Imagine if you had a “roadmap” that could lead you towards your most ideal and greatest life?
This workshop introduces you to the seven chakras of the ancient wisdom and integrates each chakra with the developmental stage of the child as it grows into an adult. The workshop thus serves the dual purpose of initiating the awakening process by aligning your chakras and healing the inner child over a course of 25 days in a step by step manner.

When you join this workshop, you’ll discover:

  1. Discover how to open, align and heal your chakras to activate your energy system, nurture your spiritual awakening, and enjoy a vibrant, thriving and full-spectrum life.
  2. A comprehensive overview of the chakra system that makes intuitive sense and works with modern psychology.
  3. The connection between specific health and body challenges within different chakras — and the practices that can address and heal them.
  4. How to assess if a chakra is either deficient or excessive so you can bring it back into balance.
  5. The connection between activating your chakras and creating healing in the world.
  6. Ways to work with energetic blocks, shifting them more gracefully
  7. Practices to work with the “demons” that sabotage each chakra, such as fear, guilt, and shame

Online Certificate of Participation Provided


Venue Name: School for Reengineering Consciousness
Address: New Delhi India
+ Google Map
Phone: 9717773206


Organizer Name: Ms. Karishma Manchanda
Phone: 09717773206