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Depending on the type of issue(s), you may choose to opt for a workshop or a one-to-one session.  If you only one issue that is currently bothering you or if you feel an urgent need of resolution, you may choose to opt for one-to-one therapy sessions. It may however be noted that the first personal consultation session may be necessary to evaluate which may be the most suitable option. Generally, following the first consultation, based on Cognitive Behavioural Interviewing Technique, an approximate number of one-to-one therapy sessions be determined, which may fall anywhere between 3-5 sessions. It may however be noted that the workshops are rather transformatory and empowers you to heal any aspect of your life structure you may wish to look into. In case of budget constraints, workshops are the best suited solution.

Past life therapy though is always alluring, it must be approached with care. Not all solutions lie in the past lives. This holds true for Life Between Life sessions as well wherein you may wish to explore your Soul contracts and Karma you are facing in your present situation. A trained therapist may be able to guide you with the best solution post the first consultation.

The first session to address your initial queries are complementary. This may be over a call or in person. Additional one-to-one session comes with an energy exchange of Rs 3000 and lasts about 1-2 hours. Depending on the type of issue, you may require 3-5 such sessions. The Therapist will evaluate the best tools to address your issue based on the first consultation using Cognitive Behavioural Interview and Spiritual Counselling Techniques. A comprehensive package of four such sessions can be opted for Rs 10,000.

We try our best to provide you a fulfilling experience during the workshops itself. Apart from self-healing sessions, partner sessions are also organized to provide a shift of energy at deeper levels. Since we encourage smaller groups for our workshops, most of the queries and doubts are resolved during the workshop itself. However, to ensure a continued support while you practice at home, the Trainer is always available to guide you if you find yourself unable to move forward. Apart from this, you will also be a part of our ever-growing soul family wherein you may do swaps with others who have done the same workshop to ensure continued support during the healing process. Meetups are also conducted from time to time for deeper clearing.

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