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While there are many self-development tools available today, a comprehensive self-development module that integrates physical – emotional – mental- and spiritual body is a rare offering. At Inner Freedom, Reengineering Consciousness is not only a spiritual quest but a journey for total transformation. It is a school that delivers transformational education for all ages. It offers live curricula and events that transform learning from an institutionalised, linear, means to an end, to a complete and conscious lifelong adventure that inspires our Soul to breathe through. Metamorphosis is achieved by re-igniting the innate curiosity that lives in us all. We offer one of the best combinations of tools and techniques from ancient wisdom that modern science id now discovering. Using a range of versatile healing techniques and concepts of spiritual psychology, subconscious mind can be reprogrammed to release limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding us from experiencing happiness, love, wellness, prosperity and abundance. Our masterclasses are designed to cover every facet of human experience. Students are immersed into a curriculum that amalgamates human consciousness with practical spirituality – Spiritual Psychology. The curriculum is optimised to induce profound personal growth and has a potential to help people transform into the best version of themselves. By combining the eureka of Mind – Body – Spirit, massive spiritual awakening can be experienced. Each masterclass is curated to harmonize physical – emotional – mental -and spiritual body and to bring our Soul in alignment with its higher purpose. Students are encouraged to take inner journeys to unveil their spiritual-psychological barriers such as blocks experienced in relationships, abundance, money, career, spiritual growth and personal development. With advanced tools of practical spirituality, students can redefine their life and create a roadmap for their own success. Techniques are learnt that provide lasting relief to People from mental, emotional and physical pain. With our leading-edge modalities such as Inner Freedom Technique and Rapid Growth Technique to change beliefs are based on scientific and time-tested modalities.

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