What’s Pulling You Apart?

What’s Pulling You Apart?

To recognize the Creator within, our Higher Self considered it necessary to experience certain situations and learn lessons from those experiences during a given lifetime.it is only by accepting the resent moment from a neutral perspective, without the weight of our prejudice and judgments can we have those necessary experiences and learn those essential lessons for our evolution. This process of evolution is not about genetic changes in our physical existence, but rather energetic mutations necessary to recognize the Creator within. By denying the present moment or running away from a situation, we not only increase our suffering but also delay our evolution. It is worth noting that evolution will still happen. It is an inherent nature of our existence, but the denial of not working on self by recognizing the growth of self in any given moment may only further delay our progress.

‘Acceptance’ therefore is of utmost importance. Whether it is people, situation or our circumstances, every experience is only showing us a mirror, a reflection of an aspect of us that we do not wish to recognize within us. Just by bringing to our awareness that every experience is otherwise neutral, and we have added a negative charge to it based on the emotions it evoked, we have already begun the process of resolving it. Once we acknowledge the problem, our focus shifts from the bitterness of that experience to resolving the situation. This, in and of itself diminishes the trauma and misery we would have otherwise attracted from that experience. It is thus easier to use universal creative energy to enforce the solution. Whether that comes through another person, a thought or through a book, the solution presents in ways we may never dream of.

It is incumbent on me to reiterate here that we must never demean the power of such creative ways in which we attract solution or develop shame or guilt for a person though which the solution presented itself. As everything we witness outside of us is ‘self’, recognizing the ‘self’ in others presenting us with the solution prevents us from developing Karma with the other. It is also important not to restrict the Universe to present a solution in a way or manner. A possible example may be on manifesting love. If we wish to experience love through a person who just left us, rather than asking the Universe to give us the person who abandoned us back, the focus should rather be on what emotions would we wish to experience in that relationship, in our highest best. Limiting the Universe with one name or type of person or by attaching attributes to the kind of person you wish to have in your life will not only restrict the possible options through whom we can experience fulfillment but also attract similar patterns in our life as well. This may be understood as asking the Universe to provide a person with similar energetic signatures and thus similar experiences. When we leave it to the Universe, we allow the divine activity to take place through and around us effortlessly.

The key to manifest a newer reality is detachment from the outcome. Once we have done our work, if we are persistent in finding the outcome of our creative efforts, it only brings forth the fear of failure of our efforts to create a newer experience. Thus, surrender is the key to manifestation. Surrender does not mean giving up on a situation. It simply means allowing the universal Source consciousness and its creative force to flow through you without any blockage. We give up on our resistance to interfere with the energy that manifests based on our thoughts and desires. Detachment thus leads to the manifestation of chronicles.

Recognizing what needs to be done in a moment of struggle is what sets the course for manifestation. It in innate to our existence to decide the course we wish to take. In any given moment of trauma, whether experienced through a relationship, career, health or otherwise; three key possibilities exist:

  • Complete shock and despair; no hope, depression
  • Denial and non-acceptance of the situation; moving on to the next relationship, mate, job, or doctor
  • Initial shock succeeded by graceful acceptance of the situation

When we accept our self and our situation completely and unconditionally, miracles happen. The highest degree of non-acceptance that one carries is the non-acceptance of self. It is not surprising to find how we reject the expression of our true, authentic self to ‘fit’ into society and our relationships. We fear our true expression will not be accepted by others, we fear abandonment from others; recognizing less that they are only mirroring the abandonment of the authentic self, without the muddling and conditioning of today’s modern society. We reject our true self and its free expression to seek approval and validation from others. The more we are validated by others wowing to their own need to provide validation, the more we lose our true selves to the darkness. This only leads to the generation of more negativity arising out of emotions such as blame, guilt, and betrayal. The relationships, that otherwise are supposed to be ‘fulfilling’ rather start to drain us and become burdensome. Our inability to end such a relationship often increases the degree of our misery and suffering. We fail to recognize our need to remain entangled in that relationship. Even such a relationship is serving us in a certain way, which we fail to recognize and park the entire blame onto the other. We deny the recognition of the fact that the other is only a mirror, showing us our own reflection. This vicious circle continues till the time we are so much overpowered by this darkness that we lose the meaning of our existence in the absence of this validation from our loved ones. There then comes a time to make a choice: whether to live with the misery of lack of self-expression and the situation created thereof or to claim our inner freedom.

It is worth understanding that those who truly love us will remain with us unconditionally while those who quit are the ones with whom our relationship was only a mirage.

Whatever is, is just as it. Denying our truth doesn’t cease it from existing. The situation wouldn’t change just because we don’t like the current situation. The only way to have a fulfilling relationship and experiencing true love is through self-love. Never underestimate the power of self-love. Self-love doesn’t mean being selfish. It only means that we value our integrity and our thoughts, actions, and intent are in alignment with our inner wisdom.

We always get what we deserve, and we always deserve what we believe we do. However, not having what we believe we deserve in the current moment attaches a lot of limiting charge to the emotion that gets created from the feeling of being worthy. If we believe that we deserve something better, we are already in denial that we already have it in the current moment. The lack is further emphasized by experiences of such situations. It is until we believe at a Soul level that we already have what we need in the current moment, is that we manifest what we would need to experience abundance and fulfillment. It is thus imperative to work on our belief system rather than focusing on the lack of the current situation is making our experience.

Pure unconditional love remains to be the most powerful energy that fuels our existence. It has the power to dissolve any negative imprints, such as the energetic charges of anger, revenge, blame, shame, and guilt. Blame may lead to revenge. Revenge may lead to guilt. An act of revenge by one may trigger a similar reaction in the other. As the negativity keeps accumulating in a relationship, it starts to damage the role and perception of ‘self’ in a relationship. Once our perception of ‘self’ deteriorates, the role of the other in the given relationship is demeaned as well. Eventually, this leads to the damage and ultimate destruction of a relationship, whether with self or with the other, the resultant is the same. we must remain aware of what we are giving in a relationship, for what we give comes back to us manifold.

Love to life is what blood is to the body. Love is not something that can be given, received or recover.  Experiencing pure unconditional love is the inherent characteristic of our existence. It is when we sever our connection with the true authentic self, through which the vital life force from the Source prevails and nourishes our being; that we start seeking such fulfillment from those around us. When we recognize we are being drained in a relationship, it may be time to see how we have disconnected with our connection with our true self and thus the Creator within us.

We often desire everything around us to be perfect, including our relationships. Desiring perfection simply means that that we recognize a lack in our self at a subconscious level in the current moment. Such a chase if externalized will lead to the addition of one feather in the cap each time, and yet never granting that saturation or fulfillment that we connect with mental peace. Recognizing the spark of the divine that we are, it may sometimes be essential to ponder, “can the Creator, the All-Knowing, All Creating and All Abundant be imperfect in any way?!”. Just by bringing this to our awareness we can release the charge of being imperfect or less than others in a moment, for if we were to be something or someone else, we would have been so already. We have chosen to experience ourselves and learn our lessons through this experience of being imperfect. Each step towards this recognition is rather empowering.

The lack of imperfection also sets the stage for the next stage in our spiritual evolution, provided we witness and experience being imperfect without adding our judgment to it. This awareness coupled with the desire to better ourselves without attaching a meaning to it triggers manifestation. Such unconditional love and understanding of self-discipline are what manifests a positive outcome. Should such a manifestation be based on denial and non-acceptance of self or from an ego-standpoint of proving self/others less shall create an undesirable outcome. It is thus a point of caution to use this power of inner freedom to manifest your reality judiciously. Adding the essence of detachment and knowing that the shift will happen at a divine time, creating a situation that serves us in our highest best is the ultimate life hack.

Remember, everything happens for a reason as per divine timings and that there is nothing called coincidence!

Even if someone has harmed us or made us feel miserable, or less than them; it is only because we gave them the power to do so. One must, therefore, follow their passion, their highest aspiration for it is this enactment that fuels the expression of our authentic self. When we align with our highest aspirations, our journey towards experiencing oneness becomes effortless.

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