Pain Questions, Until the Vision Pulls!

Pain Questions, Until the Vision Pulls!

It is said that great suffering is also a great awakener.

Having gone through my own dark night of the soul, I personally believe that a voluntary change for human beings is rather difficult. Our habits are stubborn, programming of a conscious and subconscious mind is deeply ingrained in our psyche and honestly, the will to make it happen also diminishes as one endures the pain and the feeling of chronic loss. When you are out of alignment and become resistant to change, the Universe takes over to put us back in alignment. Many times, this may be presented as a situation, event or problem in which you are tested against the winds: you hit the rock bottom and the pain is intense. It is this deep yearning to break free from the emotional pain which then becomes an impetus for a genuine transformation. In other words, the pain pushes until a larger vision pulls, a vision to make a difference in your life.

At Inner Freedom, the School for Reengineering Consciousness, our students are gently led into an intuitive perception of a larger vision about self and the exercises through which the students understand that pain doesn’t always have to be the impetus for revolutionary growth. The journey to your self-discovery and to unleash your soul’s true potential can also be effortless and meaningful.

On the current Earth plane of existence, you have taken an incarnation to awaken the enlightened expression of your authentic self and to discover your latent talents and skills that will be your unique contribution to the world. Simply by being able to express your true authentic self in the world that you dwell in, you will be victorious in delivering your purpose of our existence on the planet Earth in the current times. However, this is easier said than done.

Being well aware of the fact that parental, societal, religious and other conditioning having programmed us into a vicious cycle of self-doubt, that too to such an extent that it becomes difficult for the subconscious mind to recognize what it truly believes as its own and what is it that is an adapted version of others; this inner journey is rather difficult to tread for many… If I tell you that the purpose of your existence is nothing more than experiencing personal fulfillment that rejoices in the expansion of consciousness – being just as you are without change, doubt or judgment- would you agree?

The upcoming narrative for this chapter is for those who are genuinely interested in breaking free from any agreements are you have consciously or unconsciously made with self and others; in any facet of your existence: your personal identity, your relationship with self and those around you, your health, finances, your livelihood, spirituality and even the community that you live in.

As you slowly unveil the mysteries of the Universe and discovery of the universal principles governing our existence, you will recognize that you are nothing more than the spark of the divine that is always existing as a life force (prana) deep within you. Once you are ready to do that inner work of consciousness detox and consciously work with the laws of co-creation, you will witness how magnificent you are and how your relationship with the Creator, the source of all that is, is not a privilege but your birthright.

Your understanding of your personal relationship with the creative essence that is all prevalent, omnipotent omnipresent – will decide in which stage of spiritual evolution you may be experiencing. The blueprint of the four stages of spiritual evolution will help you trace your latent potential and the inner work waiting to be done in order to experience the next big change in your spiritual journey. You will be able to trace and quantify how your wants, desires, your willingness to listen to those inner whispers and your intent to evolve through life will ultimately into push through each stage of the spiritual development.

Based on my understanding of this template of spiritual evolution – the blueprint of evolution of our Soul consciousness through each of the four stages of consciousness four stages, I personally believe that it is easier to navigate when you know which stage you truly are at. Note that your honesty in self-evaluation holds the key to your success as you pass through each stage of evolution. The way our Earth plain is landscaped holds the fundamental key to experience oneness through contrasting experiences of life and the emotions you go through each day. By posing extremities of duality and then recognizing oneness in the concept of existence may seem to be the toughest possible thing to make peace with, but trust me, once you are able to develop your perspective and reframe the lens through which you judge your experiences, life will never be the same again.

Each stage of the spiritual evolution laid down below is prescribed based on the mindsets and behavior patterns that you must cultivate while releasing those that are no longer significant in the next stage. Evolution itself is defined as a process by which different species of living organisms are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth. To become the better version of you, you must be willing to shed away the layers of dust and debris that no longer serves you… the old patterns of beliefs and behaviors which must be released from your energy system in order to progress from one state to the other.

However, at this stage, it must be noted that no one is less than or more than the other in the journey of soul evolution. Each person is exactly where he or she must be including you and me.  The Creator is never unjust or incorrect. The Creator can never be wrong or even capable of creating something that is not in the highest best of the Creation. But with the limited perception and understanding, you may at times fail to understand the marvels of the chaos – the beginning of the creation of new you when the waters seem to be most turbulent. It must be noted that chaos is only a sign that something needs to be changed. And that change will happen when you choose to allow the Creator to make it happen to you. It is a compulsion for me to reiterate here that the Creator cannot do anything for you, that it cannot do through you. So, the underlying question I have for you is…. Are you ready to make that shift happen?

Having this book to read now is not by chance. Why do you think out of so many books in this world today, you caught hold of this one? There is nothing in this Universe that happens as a matter of coincidence – the Universe is beautifully orchestrated to be flawless and everything that happens, happens with a purpose – whether you may recognize it at this moment or not is a separate point of discussion.

Having come this far, it is the incumbent on you to realize that you are exactly in the right space and time, going through exactly is the experiences of life that we need to go through in order to evolve as per the divine timings and in the divine order. It is simply amazing you when you are consciously aware of the fact that you can create the new you – you always had that option available to you… that there is always a way out of limiting beliefs and constrictive behavioral patterns and that there is much more to life waiting to be experienced effortlessly only once you are willing to take the personal responsibility to make the difference to what really matters.

Having worked within the laboratory of my own consciousness as well as with many students and counseling clients, I have realized that there seems to be an inner impulsion within us that propels us in the direction of self-discovery. The journey itself is incomprehensible but the outcome is simply beyond expression.

So, what’s your vision that can pull you out of your suffering?

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