Awakening with the Chakra System

Awakening with the Chakra System

Awakening: The Sacred Chakra System

Bridge the worlds of science and spirituality to discover a holistic, grounded approach to working with your energy body. Experience the full spectrum of your energy and power — bringing your body, emotions, relationships, and creativity into alignment with your soul with the sacred chakra system
One of the most direct and powerful ways to achieve this level of healing is through the opening, balancing, and integrating the energies of all your chakras — the vital energy centers that run up and down your spine and serve as portals to your true nature.
For millennia, yogis have recognized the chakras as the mechanism for translating the undifferentiated energy of the universe into the unique and beautiful expression of your body, emotions, heart, voice, and mind. The chakras are literally the way your soul creates what happens in your life.

Cleansing Your Energetic Body

Throughout childhood and through our life experiences, we often create constrictions or blockages in our chakras. For instance, if we received criticism after performing, we might close down our fifth chakra (throat center), limiting our creative expression or ability to speak up for ourselves. If we were chastised for asserting ourselves, we might close down our third chakra (power center) and constrain our power in the future.
This is how your psychology, which we usually associate only with the mind, impacts your energy system and body. Traumas, fears, and negative experiences can lead to long-term imbalances in your energy system that then manifest into negatives like insecurity, anger, stress, or disease.
So while you’re working to understand yourself better — likely through Western psychology — it’s vital to also address your underlying energy system, which affects how you live, breathe, and express yourself.
That’s why it’s so valuable to periodically do a cleansing and healing journey focused on your chakra system, which may quietly be undermining your life force in dozens of ways.
Just as a periodic detox of your physical body can restore health, a cleanse of your energetic body can open you up to new possibilities for vitality, creativity, and joie de vivre.
The result?
You become more integrated and whole, as well as a more powerful catalyst for the healing and evolution of our world because you have access to the total spectrum of your energy.
You become a better creator and lover, a better leader and speaker, a better entrepreneur and teacher.
Your ability to open to your higher potential and live your soul’s intentions requires that you go within and address the places that aren’t operating at the highest octave possible. Each of us needs to heal our wounds, transform our distortions, and release false identities and beliefs in order to be who we’re meant to be.
Many systems of awakening and personal transformation call you into a union only with your higher Self. Some focus solely on the distortions, issues, and kinks in your personal psychology. But few teachings deal with your energy system as a whole and show you how you can create a sacred balance and integration of all levels of your being.
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