Does Past Life Regression Therapy Really Work?

Does Past Life Regression Therapy Really Work?

People often ask me How Effective is Past-Life Therapy?

Is past life regression hypnosis?

Is past life regression real?

Why is past life regression therapy cost in Delhi so high?

Do past life regression meditation on Youtube work the same as in-person therapy?

and many more such questions come almost on a daily basis.

Let us apply a logical approach to the soul’s journey.

It is true that our soul had existed in the past, but not in one individual as some might think, but in two separate individuals. One of them was our father, and the other was the mother. Their souls had conjoined to personify in one body, which had given me my present individuality.

Even if the therapist were able to sneak peek into our unconsciousness he would view the event experienced by two souls and not one. It means if I did live in the previous life than I existed not as one individual, but two.

If the therapist would try to regress, a bit more he would find that I existed not as one person, but as four. A little deeper regression would reveal that I existed as hundreds of individuals in genders male and female both.

As in regress, in the soul’s onward progress to we will see that our soul has divided itself into several individuals as males and females both. Not only this but also several souls from other sources as well conjoined to it. It means I never was and I never will be whatever I am today. my father’s soul had conjoined to my mother’s soul to give me my individuality. The mother’s soul constitutes the base nature and my father’s soul comprises my conscious. This is what motivated me to devise the program on Conscious Parenting –  as there is much more to deal with within us – which may not even be ours otherwise but acquired via our Parent’s own consciousness.

Both parts of the soul contain the painful memories of both parents and the memories of their ancestors. While the painful memories in the base nature remain dormant and inaccessible the conscious memory, which also constitutes the painful memories of the sentient beings is in deep slumber. Only emotions, when stirred can awaken these memories. Another time these memories return while we are asleep.

The problem with PLR is that it is still a difficult branch of knowledge with a severe shortage of competent teachers or healers. The cost range anywhere from Rs 4000 to Rs 10000 per session and mind you, there are often 3-5 sessions required for good effect.

Another problem is our own mind which keeps posting strong doubts over the knowledge that we gain; after all, in most cases, we cannot verify what we learn! So some people do need a lot of conscious rationalization to get over the problems they are facing. Sometimes, people do not even regress. The logical mind or those who have more of a 1+1=2 approach in life and are less creative, less intuitive, less empathetic and rational in their approach may find regressing difficult.

It is in such cases that an Akashic Records Reading is most effective. Soul Profiling can be done to draw the blueprint of the Soul since its inception too!

However, it is my duty to empower fellow Souls finding their way to Light. I thus always recommend the seekers to join in for the Workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence – which is not only more economical as compared to 4-5 sessions but the profound awareness and the benefits of learning the trade itself for healing self and others is very rewarding.


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