What happened in the Womb?

What happened in the Womb?

What Happened in the Womb?

Have you had a string of relationship issues recently? Are you recovering from an intense emotional connection that has recently been broken? Are you suffering through heartbreak and fear?

You are not alone. There are many people who silently bear the burden of relationships gone awry. Going from a loving relationship to being a single person can be a rough experience.

There is a way to push through the pain, however. There is a method that can help you get in touch with your true, confident self. There’s a way to access the Divine Feminine within. This is known as ancient womb healing, and it may be the perfect way to achieve the strength of character that you have been looking for.

What is Ancient Womb Healing?

Ancient womb healing has been around for nearly 7000 years. It has been used to open a Divine Energy channel to help people cope with various problems that they may be experiencing. The title of “ancient womb healing” would suggest that this process is solely for women. However, because of how the healing process works and takes place, both men and women have been able to find solace in its healing powers.

How does it Work?

Ancient womb healing focuses on the sacral region of the body – the womb itself. As was mentioned, the “womb” in this case doesn’t only refer to the powerful female reproductive region. We all emerged from the womb, and our connection to it has the ability to be strengthened no matter if we are male or female.

The womb has its own divine energy- it is the perceived portal to experience oneness between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which carries the mirror of your soul’s reactions. Our souls are light and vibration, and through ancient womb healing we can be better connected to the universal divine feminine. The womb energy is powerful, and much pain can be levied if its power is harnessed. The harnessing of this energy is conducted through mantras, techniques, and meditations meant to strengthen this important energy portal.

How does it help?

Undergoing ancient womb healing signifies that you seek more out of your life than you previously had. This is certainly true for relationships. When the womb is purified and strengthened, we have the ability to transform any kind of relationship we may be engaged in – or wish to engage in. Ancient womb healing has been said to: help attract the right partner and soul mate; dissolve painful links to past relationships; resolve relationship difficulties between you and your spouse, parent, child, and family; and disconnect from abusive relationships. Having the power of the womb chakra on your side will help you through your relationship woes past and present.

Womb healing is also prevalent in stirring your creativity. We are able to do wonders in the world after taking part in ancient womb healing. If you have been having difficulties getting something going in your life, the womb chakra’s energy will be able to help you see your vision through to the end.

Womb healing has many other healing properties as well. The process has the ability to reduce anxiety, overcome grief and loss, wash away anger, navigate life transitions, handle stress effectively, remove negative spirit attachments and energies, help with clearing your body of negative spirits and energies, and aid you with your spiritual longing and finally open your heart.

The womb is our center of power and creativity, yet it is often distorted by unresolved wounding that often results in creative blocks in our Lives, as well as physical imbalances in our bodies. These are an invitation, because from a clear womb space we can finally embody our authentic selves and birth our true desires into being. Many of such blocks come from the experiences of our Mothers – what was she going through when she had you in her womb – her emotions, her experiences, her pain, her trauma – experiences where she was feeling unfulfilled, lack of support from your father or in-laws, unsafe, unwanted, anxious about the birthing experience, poverty-consciousness…

Unless these emotions that have been imbibed from her personal experiences are resolved in your system, you may continue to experience these as your own.

Every single person you exchange sexual energy with leaves an imprint in your womb. Now as we know it the womb is the seat of our subconscious mind, creative storehouse, & potential. If we aren’t consciously clearing our womb – we are constantly muddled with others subconscious imprints left in our energetic & emotional bodies.

A big part of Womb Healing is around clearing out these past lovers imprints, subconscious patterns, suppressed emotions & psychic debris in your field. All of this gets stored in our wombs if not cleared, and with a chaotic womb, it affects our ability to create, to be clear in our emotions & expression, and create room for new partners & potential ‘birthing’ – of either a child or a project.

Our wombs are energetic vortex’s of receptivity. Both in love making & in life. This is why many of us experience symptoms like ‘bloating’ – this is the bodies reaction to protect itself & its receptive nature. It also can be a result of taking on others energetic imprints & not clearing ourselves.

Consciously clearing our Wombs is a process and a beautiful journey of self love & discovery. During this time, we don’t want to be muddling our clearing process with other peoples energy fields. It is as if you are doing a juice cleanse & someone offers you a Burger & Fries mid way through your detox.. It just throws everything off balance & undoes all the beautiful detoxification you have gifted your body.

The only way to release these experiences from your energy is to go within!

At Inner Freedom: The School for Reengineering your Consciousness, we conduct personal therapy sessions as well as individual womb healing sessions to help people transform their lives. Such meditative sessions offer profound healing from trauma stored in your sub-conscious mind from any event in this lifetime including womb memories. Release and restructure your trauma to completely heal from it. Learn to anchor yourself with positive experiences.

These sessions help us emerge from the emotional blocks we have accumulated over the years as far back as our mother’s womb. Bringing awareness and releasing emotions from these memories brings more positivity and freedom to our day-to-day lives.

During a group meditative session, the therapist will guide the participants to a deep inner journey and exploration of the feminine aspect of the womb space. Each participant will receive a cleansing and activation of their etheric womb through a guided process.

Program Coverage:

  • Understand the four levels of Spirituality.
  • Learn about Seven Basic Chakras of the Physical Body.
  • Explore your personal trauma that your soul experienced at the time of birth and how are these experiences still governing your life.
  • Understand what are your emotions and those acquired from your mother during her pregnancy.
  • Release the acquired trauma that may not be your own during the intense meditative sessions using guided imagery.
  • Explore the essence of Womb in your creative expression, manifestation and authenticy.
  • Experience intense meditation with crystals for Womb Healing using techniques such as guided meditation and regression.
  • Learn how to heal your own womb whenever you feel overwhelmed by the emotions you experienced during your birthing process.
  • Understand the Importance of Soul Star Chakra and Akashic Intelligence as tools for self-development and advance healing.
  • Introduction to Healing with Akashic intelligence as a tool for spiritual development and soul evolution.

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