Can I change my Karma?

Can I change my Karma?

Can I Change my Karma?

I often get to hear … “Can I Change my Karma?”

And the answer is yes…. but before even we dwell more into this, it is of course important for us to uncover what Karma truly is.

Karma is the sum total of all the deeds, action, thoughts, intent and emotions we have ever experienced since the inception of our Soul. Contrary to popular belief that Karma is a punishment mechanism, in my opinion, Karma is the most supportive feedback mechanism for the evolution of our Soul, for it to move towards the next phase of its growth.

The Akashic Intelligence is the Creator Consciousness that holds all such records of our Soul’s existence through many such past lives. Though I don’t want to confuse you with the concepts of parallel lifetimes, but yes, that quantum jump over different lifetimes exits, and that too…all together…as the concept of time is only an aspect to experience in the current plane of existence. These records are available for each human being to experience for themselves and for others. Many of us know them as Akashic Records. However, there is no specific library one needs to enter to access these records, though sometimes a guided meditation is introduced to the seeker during a regression like session to help them relate to the concept better. These records can be accessed by all, even those who have not had very successful experience with Past Life Therapy and other regressions.

The primary goal of the Healing with Akashic Intelligence is to change your life and your karma for the better today and right now. The Healing with Akashic Intelligence can help improve any situation of life

Akashic Intelligence  is a highly empowering spiritual energy available only through special initiation techniques. “Akashic Intelligence” is the sum of everything we do in life and what happens to us in our lives-the expected and the unexpected.

Some of the benefits of Healing with Akashic Intelligence:

  • Health in all areas of life–mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, karmic.
  • Ability to deal with any situation with balance and without helplessness.
  • Improve relationships with family, friends, associates; convert unfriendly relationships to neutral or friendly ones.
  • Changing, neutralizing, deflecting threatening or dangerous conditions: accidents, mishaps and sudden threats and dangers to life and health, black magic, black tantra, evil eye and so on.
  • Changing lack of progress and failure to achieve greater success than before in more satisfying and meaningful ways:
    • Career, profession, opportunities
    • Financial and wealth situation
    • Personal relationships
    • Spiritual progress
    • Personal satisfaction and joy of life

How does the Akashic Intelligence work? What changes can we expect in our lives from this?

In simple terms, the Akashic Intelligence is a karma healing active energy that changes the quality of your life. It is ‘spiritual’ in nature; spiritual, meaning that it can override the existing patterns of your karmic accumulations—your Karmic Credits. It does this without building up an accumulation of reactions to be further balanced in future, and this is at the core of all practices aimed at freeing one from repeated cycles of rebirth.

In other words, the Universal Force that we all know of as the Creator of All That Is upgrades your karmic receipts, while deleting or writing off future Karmic Debt (to be paid or received.) The Akashic Intelligence rapidly makes you karmic debt-free. This means that you enjoy a far better quality of life today, while reducing or getting rid of troublesome or painful future reactions in life. At the same time, it frees you to activate potentials in your life which would otherwise not be available for you in your existing patterns of life. When we are able to release our personal judgement towards others and inculcate the spirit of Oneness, the Creator’s perspective into our existence, we are able to release our Karma.

The Healing with Akashic Intelligence is an energy that changes the existing patterns of our lives for the better by altering the karmic balance of our lives. This is verifiable by working with the energies once a person is formally initiated into the system. The word ‘karma’ is a Sanskrit word meaning, ‘the activities that we do, and the latent and kinetic energies developed and accumulated due to these activities. ‘Karmic Quotient’ means the sum total balance remaining to our karmic accumulation account. So, we can say that the ‘karma quotient’ means the sum total accumulation of the consequences of our actions that we are due to experience. This energy improves and changes one’s existing karmic balance (the karma quotient) –and, consequently, improves and changes whatever one may be experiencing in one’s life-situations. The Karma Quotient Force acts to change your life in every respect once you are connected to the Force through a special empowerment from the Master Healer, Ms Karishma Manchanda.

This connection gives you a very high-level capability of helping yourself and others around you with this action-reaction changing empowerment. This is experienced by all as the immediate, emergency and long-term benefits of the Force connection and its workings. You need not remain helpless in the face of any difficult or dangerous situation in your life. Once connected to the Karma Quotient Force, you can create an instant harmonizing change in the balance of events taking place. These results will be seen sooner or later depending upon the amount of karmic balance to be shifted and the amount of healing you channel to the situation or event.

Using the energy of All That Is, especially in the Theta state of Consciousness, we can effectively use Creator’s White light to release the energy of past experiences that are no longer serving us and then download the Creator’s perspective of that experience to neutralize the Karma created from that experience.

Such a powerful experience can dramatically lead to incredibly higher level of awareness. When we are more aware, we have a larger perspective – we also have a larger vision of the experience we are having in the current life. This leads to a heightened level of empowerment as we are able to utilize our internal resources to streamline the perceived damage, without the dependence of an external agency to come and pull us out of our situation.

The End Result – we are able to make better choices free from the shackles of our past experiences – with lesser regrets, resentments and remorse – which propels us into being whole and complete- a precursor to live a happy and joyous life!


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