In Pursuit of Perfection

In Pursuit of Perfection

In Pursuit of Perfection

Just like everything we know of is nothing but a form of energy, Beauty ain’t different. Beauty is a frequency, a vibration of a perceived emotion and not a commodity.

In today’s world, its impossible to escape the avalanche of subliminal messages that women insidiously telling her how she should feel, look, think, and act as well as what she should eat, wear, drink, and watch. Parental and societal conditioning take another toll on what a perfect woman must be like beauty with brains perhaps!

This relentless brainwashing is though merely a marketing strategy to have millions of beauty & slimming products being sold to women each day, the parasitic and self-sabotaging beliefs does more harm than good to us. From silicone implants in our body to fat sucked from those so-called problem areas, the fast-paced life and media has made many of us believe there is something wrong with me.

When a woman buys into these distortions she denies her true self and forgets to feel the unique expression of the Creator that she is. Instead she is taught to reject her true authentic self, is made to feel uncomfortable about her body, and told that her sexuality is not sacred. She is made to feel that something is wrong with her, that she is too fat, too ugly, too old and from a young age is subliminally programmed to compare herself to other women. It is not surprising that as women we dip in and out of low self-esteem, confidence and body image depression.

When a woman forgets about the loving and natural beauty of her heart, she becomes more prone to anxiety that centers around I am not good enough… when we reject our true authentic expression, we begin to feel incomplete. This creates emotions like loneliness, shame and guilt, which tends to build in stress in our body and increase cortisone levels, further damaging body’s metabolism, creating lethargy and weight gain. We forget how to radiant our natural divine expression is, being a unique expression of the Source itself. We forget that everything happens in divine order and if we were ought to be different- slimmer, fairer, prettier and what not, the Creator would have created us that way. your unique beauty. We forget that nothing happens without a reason and that there must be a divine reason for us to be who and how we look, act and behave.

In our modern society, a woman is taught to sexualize her body. She learns to project her sexuality out of her body to gain approval from other people, usually men; and fails to realize that scared goddess that she is. This stops her from being able to listen to what her body needs to eat and when. When one is out of sync with eating, digestive problems, bloating, and constipation prevail. This of course continues the cycle of her beliefs that there is something wrong with her.

Today, “I am not good enough” has become an epidemic. But once we realize our true innate power and shift our mindset that beauty is a frequency, we begin to look for new ways to generate such emotions. With natural, holistic ways of healing and dealing with such limiting beliefs, we begin to remember that you are an amazing woman who has healing abilities to awaken joy, sensuality and vitality.

To this effect, we, at Inner Freedom conduct a women special course to help the modern goddess realize areas in her life that needs to be resolved. Rejection of our own femininity and limiting the expression of our true authentic self leads to a plethora of modern lifestyle disorders impacting the reproductive system. This is no surprise why health issues such as PCOS, fibroids, infertility, breast lumps, cervical cancer, thyroid and many other hormonal disorders are common these days.

Once you start to realize that you have the power to makes changes is within you, the body starts to respond to the altered state of frequency, from rejection to acceptance and from self-hate to self-love. As the Law of Attraction sets rolling and manifests your experiences based on the higher frequency you vibrate at, life seems to transform.

For one week and take a few minutes off for yourself and meditation. Reflect upon what it means to be a sacred, true and authentic woman. Gifting yourself time to feel your beauty will help you embody it. Turn your beauty regime into a ritual and lovingly celebrate your face and body. Realize your connection with the Source of all that is. Dive deep into your subconscious and release the subliminal messages from advertisements and media that keep you trapped in illusion.

Transform your limited beliefs until you love the temple you live in.

Let go of the limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs:

I am not good enough.
I am ugly.
I am fat.
I have to fix myself.
Everyone else is more beautiful than me.
I feel uncomfortable in my skin.
Beauty is bought.
My body is wrong.
And move into the state of undying acceptance and self-love Use the below affirmations to help revitalize the Goddess within you:
I am just the way I should be
I radiate with beauty.
My beauty is unique and magnificent.
My sexuality is sacred.
I accept and love my body exactly as it is.
My body is a temple.
Its safe to feel beautiful in my skin.

Remember, the Universe cannot do anything for you that it cannot do through you So, if you wish to revamp your life to manifest love and abundance, if you wish to make your life grand, the first step is to re-engineer your consciousness and own your personal responsibility to make wiser choices! It is only when we abandon our ‘being a victim’ mentality, own our shadow self and ‘become the creator of our own destiny’, that the Law of Attraction truly starts to align in our highest best.

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