Facing Infinity!

Facing Infinity!

Facing Infinity!

While affirmations do work, many people had little to no success practicing these key words over and over again. Human emotions are the key to access this shift that we try to achieve deep within ourselves. Without emotions, affirmations merely remain words. This simply means one wishes to pursue a dream without having passion to make it come true.

Can you practice a religion without accepting the existence of God?

This holds true how our thoughts and feelings influence the Law of Attrition. Visualization of the outcome we wish to achieve gives thrust to this Law. Visualization of an event without living the moment is robotic and not human. While the mechanical action rejects the concept of visualization itself, the impetus gained by submerging oneself into the event as if it is happening here and now and living the emotion over and over again actually makes affirmations work.

Grounding oneself also remains an important technique to make that shift. During one such meditations where I visualized myself expanding healing energy of Creators unconditional love and gratitude out of my hear Chakra into the Universe, I realized the vast expanse of emptiness of our universe being filled with iridescent bright light that continued to spread throughout and beyond.

This made me wonder where is the other end of the Universe where am I going and the clairvoyant in me stepped back while the clair-audient in me responded . Infinity
I realized the spread of this energy out of the heart Chakra encompassed the tiniest subatomic particle in me to the gigantic Milkyway Galaxy to the billions and millions of such galaxies that exists.ever existed and will exist.

The infinite consciousness that binds everything together so cohesively and yet makes each so distinct, making everything be considered either as an amalgamation of electrons, protons and neutrons or a super-conscious state of unified awareness. one aspect being the limiting physical form while the other being the infinite expanse of consciousness of the formless. The realization was simply mind-blowing!

Slowly opening my eyes I questioned myself Who am I?… Am I that limited physical body or the infinite being which permeates through everything that exists? The tall 5.4 that I stand today isn’t even a spec in the vastness of this infinity.

Does my existence even matter? Does the iota of my conscious state that I know of as I or Me mean anything in this wide untamed and unexplored sphere of consciousness…

The information channeled was rather astonishing… When there was nothing, IT existed. From IT, came everything that ever existed, exists today or will exist. From IT came the Earth and from IT came many more planets and universes. From IT came life and from IT came matter… You defined IT to be the matter and you defined IT to be the consciousnesses… so if the IT is the infinite range of existence, you are no different… You are the traction that holds the tiniest molecule together…. You are vastness of the Universe… You are nothing but Infinity!

We all are made of this matter, this consciousness.and have the spark of the Source, the Creator, the God in us. Whether we assume ourselves to be matter that merges back into the soil after death or recognize our soul to be on an infinite journey of self-discovery, we essentially cant deny that each of us has an infinite potential within ourselves as we recognize differential perspectives of our own existence whether as limitations of our physical body or as super-conscious beings with infinite potential…

Unleash your true potential!

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