Balancing Yin & Yang Within!

Balancing Yin & Yang Within!

Balancing Yin & Yang Within!

PCOS, fibrosis, breast lumps, thyroid, endometriosis, blocked Fallopian tubes, infertility and many such gynecological issues have become a way of life for many of us today. Doctors say these are resultant of hormonal imbalances in a female’s body, many of which cannot be treated without surgery. While the science says that these are typically lifestyle disorders and genetic modifications of food sources, I rather have a different story to tell.

In 2009, I had to face an extreme incident of Menorrhagia and my mom got worried. Since it started at 9.20 pm, we had to wait for sun to rise and consult the gynecologist. However, at 11, it became so severe that my mom had to call up her Gynae who asked to give me a double dose of an Rx drug and continue to be given one pill every three hours till the symptoms subside. We visited her the next day and the tests were conducted. Abnormal TSH, T3, T4, Testosterone and Prolactin were found but no cysts were detected in the ultrasound report. So, she simply declared I had Thyroid as there was weight gain over last few years as well. After completing a course with her and yet unsatisfied with the results, she asked for another round of tests to evaluate the actual case once again. The results were nearly the same. I somehow wasn’t convinced I had thyroid. I researched for a good endocrinologist and found a celebrity doctor in Apollo. This time, the ultrasound detected cysts and the lab technician aid there are many and of abnormal sizes…must be a at least 5-8 years old! The doctor immediately had put me on the usual PCOS management with contraceptives at the age of 23…

Slowly, cystic acne and thick facial hair also got introduced even while I was on this hormone therapy. Put on Accutane, my skin became super dry and leathery from being oily.  Till my age of 28, I was also diagnosed with breast lumps and pituitary microeadenoma which further complicated my case.

Of course, being a woman, the next thing was… ’Get married, else you won’t have kids…you already have POCS’. Being rejected by men or their families for matrimonial purposes for last three years, I finally decided to give up the logical mind and listen to my body…. It was as if I was divinely guided into Reiki. I joined up a course with India representative of Reiki in Jasola and got inducted into my journey of spiritual healing.

I left all my medicines… of course my body threw up a ton of withdrawal symptoms. I adopted clean eating diet, starting with elimination diet and realized I was not only lactose intolerant but also to grains, especially wheat.

During self-healing Reiki sessions, I started connecting to my ovaries, sometimes by breasts and even the tumor in my pituitary gland, and each of them had a different yet strikingly similar story to tell. It was ‘the moment’ for me when was chosen by the Masters of the Universe and my connection with the Akashic Records strengthened to an unbeatable trust.

Though I had the ability to connect to the Akashic Records since the age of four, when I recalled my past life and was taken to the place by my uncle as well…and everything I told him from the sunken bridge to the broken tree and the wooden hut where I used to live near Manikaran Sahib, this experience was rather different. Each of my body parts told me why they are in pain…. the pain held within them was rather emotional than physical. It all boiled down to the non-acceptance of my femininity…or rather should I say, rejection!

In my quest to find validation to my changing thought processes, I joined a couple of different spiritual healing courses ranging from Hypnotherapy, Past Live therapy, SS, NLP, age regression etc.

Not only I started healing my childhood traumas and past lives using Akashic Records. I would connect and ask my body what would it like to eat today, this change was oh so welcomed by my body!

As I learnt the lessons and resolved my karma with womanhood, the symptoms also started to subside. It is said that the change first begins in the Spiritual body, then the mental…emotional and finally physical. Since I didn’t listen to the hints my spiritual or mental or emotional body was giving me, pronounced itself in physical form, now seeking all my attention to solve this persisting karma.

As I started imbibing spiritual healing as a way of life, everything around me started to shift. My symptoms reduced drastically, my skin cleared up magically and my weight became stable…even without a single medicine. Baffled as a logical mind can be, I went to my Gynae again for a check-up after a year to ensure quitting medicines didn’t lead me to anything more serious which passed my sight. Miraculous results showed up in the reports…. My hormones behaved normal and my breast lumps could no longer be felt during the physical examination. But the ultimate test for me was the ultrasound report. I still cannot forget the 11th January of 2016. For the first time ever since I had my first ultrasound did the report mentioned ‘the ultrasound images do not quality the patient to have PCOS’.

Oh Boy! I didn’t even realize I was at a diagnostic centre in Sarita Vihar that I ended up laughing and crying at the same time. I called up my sis, my mom and texted everybody who knew my journey that I am free of any cysts and that I am finally a healthy woman…never felt so complete ever!

I still remember my Gynae saying, with astonish and smile “please continue whatever you are doing!”

So, what does my story has to tell you… you may wonder!

As you unlock the basic code of healing and centers yourself in the unison of the Sacred Masculine & the Divine famine, miracles start to happen. When our limited human consciousness starts to dwell in the universal consciousness of all that is…. You gain the power to bend your fate. Female pathologies like ovarian cysts and benign tumors, blocked tubes, uterine structural abnormalities, such as fibrosis, endometriosis, etc, happen at the base level for where we reject our femininity.  Forgiving Self and forgiving others who made us feel less than equal, either intentionally or unknowingly and most important of all, acceptance of All that is the only way to heal yourself.  The vibration of resistance due to guilt, shame, fear, anger and victim mentality manifests in our reproductive system.

As long as these attempts are focused outward, it will continue to be an effort to experience oneness between the two genders. Whatever we experience through the other gender, and also about the other gender, is to be recognized within. Whatever we come across, whether through the people around us or the situations life puts us through, only reflect the conflicts we have been carrying within each of us.  Even in a married relationship or be it otherwise, while one partner might think they are suffering due to the other, the very fact that they are miserable is an indication that they are also experiencing some lack of theirs through their partner, but are not accepting it as their chosen experience. Accepting our experiences to be our own choices helps us transcend them, and experience enhanced love & serenity within as well as through our partner.

Our awareness of being an inherent part of the Divine, which is loving and evolving through each one, allows us the acceptance of our own unique path of growth, as well as that of everyone else.

So, next time you come across any such thought or symptoms in your mind or body, remember there is a purpose to it and nothing happens as a coincident. Being a spark of the Divine, we all are Creators in our own power and have the potential to heal anything in our lives.  Remember… the change begins from within, and that Miracles Do Happen… You are One!


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