Seeking Completion

Seeking Completion

Seeking Completion

I often wonder what is the biggest epidemic we as humans are facing today!

I see my loved ones and even others around me always worried on one thing or the other.
If we achieve the target, we are all set up for the next… the next date… the next promotion… the next job…the next pay cheque…the next child and so on…we keep looking into the future as we never made peace with our past….dwelling in the past hurts, the past trauma…the painful memories which never seem to pass…

Accepting the current moment completely is the secret to being eternally happy! We keep assuming others to be responsible for our pains and our limitations. Our success is either dependent on or is driven by otherwise feel cheated by others or by our own fate-destiny is externalized!

We seek to experience happiness. We chase our desires believing that their fulfillment will bring us happiness. A desired promotion, a family holiday, a party with friends, shopping for clothes and accessories, etc. seem to bring us happiness. These are occasions that come and go. Then we return to our routine which seems dull and boring. The mundane existence appears full of effort. We get busy chasing another desire. Looking away from the reality, we again start waiting for the next occasion to be happy. Happiness is a high we seek. To experience a high, we have to experience a low.

For once if we believe, wherever we look, we see only at our reflection. Whatever we see is an you see is your own being, projected through what appears external. There is no excitement to look for and no lull to fear. You just are, and will always be. What you want to achieve is a pointer towards how you have chosen to recognize the next level of your inner power. Don’t try to decide the pace of life or control the events. Observe. Witness yourself manifesting. You manifest as the hurdles and you make your way through them. Why do you have to take responsibility for creating the hurdles or credit for transcending them? Observe this need in you, too. This is what creates misery and suffering for you. Recognize it and acknowledge it. Allow it to serve its purpose. You will be led to effortlessness in being – being all that you are and discovering more of what you are, in simply being.

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