Claim Your Inner Freedom

Claim Your Inner Freedom

Claim Your Inner Freedom

Human life is an opportunity for the spirit to gain self-knowledge and Healing with Akashic
Intelligence is a tool to equip one to self-recognition. Weather one wishes to resolve their personal or work concerns, money or growth concerns, relationship issues, physical body or are seeking to deepen their spiritual connection, the Healing with Akashic Intelligence Workshop is the answer to it all. By expanding our awareness through the principles of the workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence, once can truly claim their inner freedom to manifest love and abundance in their life.

On the path to inner transformation, it is imperative that one learns to connect with the source that has the potential to bring about that transformation. “Healing” as a word doesn’t necessarily mean “correction” of something but it’s about removing the blocks to achieving one’s pull potential at all levels. The Healing with Akashic Intelligence way of healing is aimed at unleashing the inherent power that each being carries in their core & allowing it to manifest in their life as love, joy, togetherness, growth & abundance.

Healing with Akashic Intelligence workshop is a two-day course which is designed to ensure that a participant is introduced to a new way of looking at their life. This new way is empowering, and it allows one to recognize, acknowledge and address deep rooted fears,
negativity and other blocks that are impeding their grown in the emotional, mental, spiritual or physical context. The workshop allows one to understand their life & relationships in a way where they will find answers to several questions and recognize the roots to their concerns which could be in current life or past life event memories too. Conceptual understanding of concepts like gender, parenting, marriage, money, growth, success, failure, spirituality, darkness, divinity, manifestation etc are around which the content is channeled which allows one to seamlessly connect their existing life & it’s situations with their spirit consciousness. Several issues that one faces in their current life stem from the sub-conscious level and hence a resolution to them is not possible through applying a lot of effort or mind at the conscious level. By addressing the concern at its origin, not only does one move on from it but they also enhance their wisdom in the process.

To understand the connection between one’s past & present, consider this example. Karan did some business 15 years back and he suffered huge loss. The primary reason why he felt the business did not do well despite the idea being futuristic is that he spent too much money
on the raw material. He realized that had he sourced the raw material from another place he was suggested to do, his business would have done well. Today Karan wants to redo the business because he realized that the idea was great, and he should give himself another chance. Now when he re-initiates planning for this business, isn’t it very logical & expected that he will refer to his memory 15 years back to bring in the lessons from his previous experience? He will ensure that this time he sources his raw material from another source and will also make other requisite changes to ensure this time he succeeds.

Just like Karan’s mind refers to a past memory to ensure he does not recreate his previous failure in his current moment and applies his lessons learnt from that past to his current business, similarly our sub-conscious mind uses his past experiences and bring on the lessons from childhood & past life memories to ensure it does not recreate its previous failure. Sometimes, this process creates blocks for new experiences in the current scenario. For example, in these 15 years the market has drastically changed and the raw material that Karan sourced last time was an overkill at that time since the quality was high, however the customer market was not mature enough to pay a premium for the quality. Today he decided not to get his raw material from the same vendor because of his previous learning, however he did not realize that in these 15 years, the market has changed. Customers have become more sensitive to quality and are willing to pay a premium for better quality. Karan is biased due to his previous learning which is settled in his sub-conscious mind as his belief system that the raw material needs to be cheap. This time, if he instead sources cheaper raw material, he might end up failing again because in the current market the business could succeed only with premium quality and not with less quality & bulk production.

Similarly, our sub-conscious creates biases to our current responses to situations & relationships due to previous lessons it has learnt without recognizing that this scenario & moment is new. Healing with Akashic Intelligence allows one to recognize that they can
recognize these beliefs & memories settled in their sub-conscious coming from anywhere and heal them so that one can create new experiences in this moment.

The workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence is a unique technique that can be used as a methodology to heal self or others using Akashic Records. Such records of their past lives can be used to reveal the root cause of their persisting issue. Each person has a healer within themselves so there is no basic qualification required to begin working with the Healing with Akashic Intelligence New Age therapy. All that is required to attend the workshop is trust & surrender to whatever there is.

People from all walks of life, all ages & from all over join in this course for it empowers the Soul like none other. Formal training workshops on Healing with Akashic Intelligence are organized and led by Karishma Manchanda. Karishma is the Founder and Master Instructor at Inner Freedom – The School for Reengineering Consciousness, New Delhi. During the workshops, she ensures that when one chooses to resolve their past and hence enhance their journey inwards, they achieve their maximum potential. She is committed to guide people towards self-recognition and supports in creating a miraculous & joyful life.

Her workshops work in two ways for the benefit of its participants. At first, the course teaches the participants to finds their innate connection with the Creator – the Source of All That Is (one’s purest energy or higher self since we all were created from the same source) and learn to use the guidance to heal. Secondly, by way of being present in the group energy of the workshop, a lot of karmic release has been observed in most participants. It is primarily a matter of allowing oneself to be fully present, trusting and in surrender, so as to truly claim inner freedom.


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