The Marvels of our Creative Mind

The Marvels of our Creative Mind

The Marvels of our Creative Mind

Our subconscious runs about 90% of our life. Being constantly fueled by the super-conscious mind or our Higher Self, it runs everything within us – from beating our heart to the memories and feelings we experience.
Did you know that if we actually work in harmony with our mind, our subconscious can actually work with us; instead of working against us. Our subconscious is always trying to protect us and tries its best to keep us safe.One thing that people don’t realize is that our subconscious is not trying to ever sabotage us.For instance, if we are not getting the job that we are looking for, then there is something about the job that we don’t want or are rather subconsciously are afraid of. This may present as a fear of uncertainty or perhaps a fear of being stuck there forever.

At a subconscious level, we may feel like we are not getting what we desperately are trying to manifest, but at another level our subconscious existence, there may be a contrasting belief which rather thinks that it is doing its best to help you.

Our brain is the fastest computer that was ever made.It is programmed to solve a problem and to actually focus on what serves us the best irrespective of the fact whether we are consciously able to comprehend it or not. It aims at supporting our survival and to live.

We will have to remember that our ego is our amigo.Thus, building a healthy relationship with our creative mind is rather essential. One of the best ways to help the subconscious is to clear the stuck energies that arise out of the 3 Rs: Regrets, Resentments and Rejections.The 3Rs take up a lot of our energy further complicating the functioning of our subconscious existence. When we release the 3Rs, our mind is capable of moving mountains. Our brain does not hold on to such emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs without a reason. Everything it holds aims at preventing us to repeat the event that caused us to experience Regrets, Resentments and Rejections thus trying to rather keep us safe. In its own strange ways, our subconscious is always trying to protect us.
Our brains main function is to build synergy between our Mind, Soul, and Higher Self the core purpose of our existence on this planet to master the art of this extreme mastery! As long as we are growing and evolving as a Soul, it will keep storing the memory registers.

One thing that we know in Healing with Akashic Intelligence is that thoughts are real things.These energy packets move faster than the speed of light and can actually make changes, even in the DNA and this is what the science of Epigenetics now confirms.Thus, it is our thoughts that create our beliefs; and our beliefs in turn create our reality.

When we find time to get into our own space, our brain waves go into a Theta brain wave pattern.This is a state of deep meditation when the mind is rather relaxed to experience its most creative expression without judgement. This is the brain wave that we get into when we regress or visualize – the most important space for creative manifestation work.During the Healing Session, when we connect with the Creator, the theta brain wave allows us to step into a zone that resembles day dreaming.

Giving our mind something to manifest all the time keeps it busy and keeps it working for us.Otherwise, our subconscious will do its best in entertaining us with whatever it feels is in our best interest which may be the least wanted experience may consciously wish to manifest. Thus, when we synchronize our creative Mind with Soul and our Higher Self, we can truly bridge the gap between the Law of Attraction and inspired action.
The concept of manifestation arises out of the belief that it is possible to create something into the physical world by using the power of the Creator of All That Is. Every statement, action, and thought reflect what we are manifesting in our lives. It is of great importance to stay in a positive mindset to create an energy signature that attracts love and abundance into our existence vibrating with the energy of grace, kindness, unconditional love and acceptance.

Here are several tips to help you create a positive mind set to assist in creative manifestation by de-cluttering our subconscious:

  • Clearing Energy in Your House: One of the first things we must do is to prepare our scared space – to clear the energy in your house or room where you spend most of the time. Using the power of the Creators presence, we can not only clear the stuck energies or release attachments; but can also charge the space and protect it from any negative influences.
  • Clearing the 3Rs: The 3Rs use a lot of energy in our mind. When we clear Regrets, Resentments and Rejections – we free up the space to co-create with the Creator with ease. It is understood that releasing such grievances may not always be easy. It is thus recommended that one must join in the workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence, at least once in this lifetime, to truly discover and unveil the root cause of the persisting issue and to release the energy of the past to pave path for the new reality.
  • I Forgive You: One of the best things that we can do to clear up space in our mind is through forgiveness. During our workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence, Creators perspective provides the highest relief. It has such a high vibration that the word forgiveness itself can free up your personal space to a great degree. Further, imprinting and reprogramming the mind to build in Creators perspective of a given situation helps heal Karma and release us from the imprisonment of our past. Thoughts are real things, and they move faster than the speed of light. When you offer forgiveness for yourself and others, the negative energy can no longer affect us. Remember, any time that we release thoughts about hatred to someone into the Universe, they suck up our energy more and more each day. However, when we release the 3Rs and say, I forgive you, we claim our energy back and have plenty of energy to manifest newer experience of existence.
  • Creating a List: When deciding what it is that we truly want to manifest in your life, the biggest challenge is deciding what it is that we truly want. Everything is open for manifestation. This may be physical, material things or even spiritual and emotional experiences…the sky is the limit in creating a list.
  • Expressing Gratitude: As soon as we start expressing gratitude for all the events and experiences, we had to go through in our soul progression, including people who have made it tough for us, the Universe grants us its love and grace in the most profound manner. During the sessions of Healing with Akashic Intelligence, when one is able to recognize the Karmic cycles and debts we owe to others, the release of the 3Rs becomes easier. Further during the personal therapy sessions of Life Between Lives, the therapist can help identify the soul contracts we designed with others before coming into this lifetime.

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