Sacred Relationships

Sacred Relationships

Sacred Relationships

If you love flower, don’t pick it up….Because if you pick it up it dies and ceases to be what you love. So, if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.… Osho

Tantra is an ancient Indian tradition of meditation. The word Tantra also means an instrument that expands.The puzzle of love is the game that one plays out through life experiences to transform and expand into love.Our relationships and its sacred wounds acts as a tantric modality of expansion of human consciousness. The lessons that we learn from our dysfunctional experiences ultimately lead to the expansion of our souls consciousness, making us learn and imbibe our lessons as we evolve.

Healing a relationship karma may be induced dismantling expectations, changing yourself to improve the quality of love that your partner gives to you, heal the broken love patterns acquired in childhood so that family history doesn’t repeat, and most importantly, learning to love yourself more than anyone else can.

Since there is always an innate desire to experience oneness and unconditional love, people are often caught in an array of romantic illusions to achieve that perfect love story. Subconsciously, one is programmed to expect fulfillment from another as opposed to realizing the fulfillment of love within the self to begin with. This illusion may have stemmed out of Bollywood movies, romance novels, television, friends, legendary stories and family members. It is the unconscious need to fulfill this illusion that becomes the driving force to attract unhealthy relationships.

Putting expectations upon another is an indication that there is a limiting belief that has created the illusion of lack. Forgiveness and Gratitude are a few of the high vibrating emotions. When we operate from the feeling of unconditional love for the other, the expectations are resolved.
Many patterns that develop in relationships reflect what we observed as children and how our parents related to each other. Realizing little, we seek to resolve the broken love we experienced from our parents, by attracting partners with similar personalities to that of our parents. Becoming aware of such patterns helps us keep a check and transpires discord.
Until then, games are played based on patterns around neediness, dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, power, control and domination. Playing games only gets you lost in a bay of unfulfilled emotions. So, instead you must learn to navigate your relationships towards love.

Our outer world is nothing more than a reflection of our inner manifestations. Human relationships are designed to help one master love. They become the perfect platform for your soul to be triggered so the distorted beliefs you hold evolve into wisdom. Subconsciously, we call in partners who mirror our issues so that we are confronted by behaviors that need to shift. Just like a mirror,the reflection will not change until you do.

If you do not grow out of limiting patterns, the same type of people, reflecting the same issues will keep showing up in your life.The key is to transform the limiting beliefs that keep you away from experiencing unconditional love. In so you move out of needing and into cultivating love Looking into a broken mirror will only ever give a broken reflection, and in this case the healing comes in leaving.

Once you can heal and resolve your persisting issues and cultivate self-love, you unite with your partner in a more mature, considerate and compassionate ways.

The Mirror Effect:

Your soulmate is simply an expression of yourself. As you awaken your authentic self, the perfect mate will come or arise as a mirror manifestation of who and what you are. You are not finding your soulmate but are removing the barriers, illusions and blocks to the realization of yourself as love. This makes the union with your soul the ultimate fulfillment. As you cultivate a relationship with yourself, deeper intimacy with the truth of who you are opens, and this brings you into a deep communion with everything.At the deepest level, everything and everyone is your soul mate, there is only one.

We, at Inner Freedom have designed specific courses to help you understand your Karmic Patters and how to heal self. This subject is extensively dealt with over a two-day workshop on relationship Karma and help you reflect, release and heal:

  • Current or most recent past relationship.
  • Distortions are you taught about love from your family?
  • Distortions was your partner taught about love from his/her family?
  • How did/do these patterns tangle your relationship?
  • How can you transform them so they don’t get repeated?

Once you understand how to solve the puzzle of love, the game of life becomes a beautiful dance.To experience love in all areas of your life is a path towards enlightenment, and a journey that every light worker or spiritual being takes.

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