Releasing Past Life Karma with Akashic Records

Releasing Past Life Karma with Akashic Records

Releasing Past Life Karma with Akashic Records

Healing with Akashic Intelligence is a profound way to live a simple and compassionate life while at the same time, growing into the true magnificence of our Souls having a human experience.

Healing with Akashic Intelligence is a beautiful path made in the middle of the jungle of life which allows one to listen to the rhythm of this universe while learning to appreciate and accept each noise, each malady as a part of the resistance of the mind and yet becoming a witness to its own infinitely flowering consciousness.

Much like Theta Healing, Healing with Akashic Intelligence is a channeled modality, designed to understand self and our current life situations better. During the journey of healing self through the turbulent times, Ms Karishma Manchanda earnestly followed the guidance given to her by the Creator. As she trusted the inner guidance to sail through the societal conditioning, she found the mysteries of the universe unfolding and a path being laid out for everyone to be empowered through this wisdom.

Healing with Akashic Intelligence is a way of life where healing is a natural outcome of acceptance of what is and surrender. The intent is not to fix life situations, people, relationships or body. It is, in fact, to recognize the beauty in who we are, just as we are and experience empowerment and completion through being self.

Akashic Records are immensely powerful in revealing the mysteries of the Souls journey. Thus, Healing with Akashic Intelligence is an extremely powerful technique which one reaches only when they are completely ready for transformation at the Soul level. It allows one to transcend the limitations of their emotions, thoughts, mind, body & karma to create a life that they desire. The infinite source of love that one carries within can be tapped into through a simple & direct connection with our higher consciousness that Healing with Akashic Intelligence technique enables. This one-of-a-kind modality can be used by people to overcome various types of blockages presented through life situations, relationships, diseases, growth, business, money etc. or it could be used for spiritual upliftment & reaching once highest potential.

Healing with Akashic Intelligence has the power to format the hard disk of our souls and make it fresh and new for greater manifestation. When there is no past karma or limiting beliefs blocking our experience of now, the tomorrow that is to come will be new and exactly how we want it to be. With this unique modality, one is able to use the Law of Attraction for inspired action; even in difficult cases where affirmations and hypnotherapy ceased to work. It has the ability to unclutter our entire existence and that is the light in which we feel so much closer to the creator and our purpose for this life

Souls who wish to identify with their inner consciousness, its purpose and its inherent nature will find Healing with Akashic Intelligence open a whole new magical world to them. This is the world where no one is less or more; no one is rich or poor, no one is better than the other, everyone just is and I AM. In terms of methodology, Healing with Akashic Intelligence is done by the therapist holding your hand while you sit on a chair and close your eyes. Once the therapist makes a connection with your energies, he/she has the ability to converse with your super-conscious mind and discover whatever is bothering it & heal it. This modality does not involve hypnosis or Past Life Regression (PLR) and is extremely useful for people who fear their conscious / analytical minds might interfere in them resolving their concerns at a deeper level.

The highest & best way to heal self is through self-healing. What one can recognise about their nature, their character & their blocks by healing self, no one can make them understand from the outside. Joining the two-day Healing with Akashic Intelligence workshop can become a turning point in ones life because not only does it heal the soul, but one gains a new perspective to life that makes a lot of things appear effortless and new opportunities get revealed that were not visible before due to the energetic blockages in ones system.

If one identifies with Healing with Akashic Intelligence as their path to either resolve their concerns or for further self-recognition, then Karishmas first suggestion would be for them to join the next scheduled workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence. The way the workshop can transform ones life is different since one-to-one sessions have a focused intent whereas the workshop can bring alignment & opening in all areas of life in one go. The difference being that in the workshop one learns to heal themselves post understanding their journey through lifetimes as a soul. The knowledge they gain throughout the two days creates a basis for complete shift in their way of thinking & way of experiencing life. The workshop also includes one-to-one healing sessions with other participants, 2 self-healing sessions and a couple of group healing sessions which help dealing with the topmost concerns of the participants at the time of the workshop. A one-to-one session can help in paying their way to the workshop but will not be a complete solution to ones healing aspirations.

Karishma has limited opportunity for sessions owing to her workshops, talks, books, travel & other activities that she indulges in the endeavour to spread the Healing with Akashic Intelligence as a way of life. Thus, she suggests that one requests for one-to-one sessions only under the following circumstances:

  1. You are badly stuck in an issue and you would like to initiate healing of that issue to take up the self-healing workshop later.
    2. You are not based out of Delhi NCR and are travelling for a short duration & yet want to experience Healing with Akashic Records as a way of Healing. In such cases, distant healing can also be conducted.
    3. You are in an unstable or debilitated state mentally or physically or emotionally and cannot heal yourself hence are requesting for help through the session.
    4. You have tried Past Life Regression and you could not experience a past life.
    5. You have understood the role of releasing your past through other techniques like regression and are now ready to understand Healing with Akashic Intelligence to initiate self-healing.

Karishma conducts her sessions mostly on weekends and a session would typically last for 1-1.5 hrs. The first session is primarily used to understand where the presenting issue is shaping up from. This involves a detailed consultation. The subsequent sessions are where the actual therapy work starts. Depending upon the magnitude of limiting energy that needs to be shifted, further number of sessions are advised. Karishma suggests that one must go through a minimum of three sessions to see a definite shift in ones consciousness with regards to any area of concern. She however reckons that her first choice would be to suggest anyone & everyone looking for a serious shift in their life to come for the two-day Healing with Akashic Intelligence workshop but in case that is not possible, and if the schedules mutually workout she does take one-to-one sessions occasionally.

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