Is Life Grand or Not?

Is Life Grand or Not?

Is Life Grand or Not?

I often ask this question during my workshops, Is Life Grand or Not?

While most resonate their lives with their emotions, their stories and their challenges, Life is always grand!

Life is a gift of the Divine. It is the energy of the Creator flowing through its Creation, the physical manifestation of the divine soul.

As humans, we perceive that we don’t have any control over our lives. Many of the Gurus and Therapists believe that our emotions dictate our actions and our actions create more emotions. However, in my opinion, it all starts from a single thought.

It is the thought that arises as a response to a situation. The thought that has been thought over multiple times in turn becomes our beliefs. Based on our beliefs, we develop an emotional response to a situation, which in turn may yield our reaction to an action.

And just like we need guidance for yoga, meditation or any other popular healing technique, we need someone to guide us through the journey of Life, expanding our awareness beyond the physical into our true state of experiencing transcendence.

At Inner Freedom, we deep dive into our transcendental existence and draw many concepts and unique experiences that are capable of catapulting spiritual development. Adopting unique techniques taught in state of the art workshops across the world and combining them with a wider perception of Consciousness, massive shifts in our energetic states can be experienced.
Many people who join our workshops report therapeutic effects on their mental, emotional and even physical states. This may so be because when we are able to elevate our Souls evolution, many miraculous effects are witnessed in other bodies of holistic existence.
Whether be it a karma stemming out of our past lives or a self-limiting belief system adopted during this lifetime from our parents, caretakers, ancestors, society or even superstitious practices; Inner Freedom is a school to reengineer consciousness for all. Manifesting a 360-degree transformation is possible and is the way of life for students at Inner Freedom.

Its important to believe in your work and I genuinely believe that we are being the spark of the Creator ourselves and have an infinite potential lying dormant, waiting to be explored. By going inwards, we find miraculous ways of healing self, others and thus the planet at large. The true authentic expression of each one of us is not the physical body or the ego we recognize ourselves with, but the eternal spiritual beings that we are, capable of miraculous healing and unlimited power to manifest all that we desire. By shifting the perception from living in a fear-based situation to vibrating at a Love or Above frequency, we can explore the truth of our existence. This in turn brings massive shifts in our lives.

There will be millions of calculations, debits, credits, adjustments, compromises, sacrifices and blessings that would have made you who you are today. If you can only see the number that you are, you are bound to compare yourself with other numbers around you and feel less or more. If you are happy with yourself, you’ll fear losing that position. If you feel you are less, you’ll try to add more to yourself.

Thus, Life always seems to be a struggle to feel good about oneself according to standards set by external factors leaves no time for a person to appreciate who they are. We always deny our shadow self for we think once we reveal our authentic self, we will lose out on the approval from others who perceive us to be good. We fear rejection, we fear abandonment realizing little that each serves as an element for us to evolve through and realize our true innate connection with the Divine, being the spark of the Creator ourselves. We fail to recognize that we are perfect just as we are and all that needs to be done is to make the choice of being our true authentic self and allow the Creator to emanate through us.

Our conscious mind helps us deal with life every single day. While the fight or flight instinct is innate to our existence, most of the trauma is registered in the subconscious mind in a situation where we freeze ourselves. Our past life memories remain registered in our unconscious mind the arena most of us are not even aware of. While the beliefs that we inculcate in this life time remain stored in our subconscious mind, our super-conscious mind still remember sits innate connect with the divine. We remember instances from our past life or have some unresolved problems that create chaos in the current version of our existence. As we born again, our sub-conscious mind carried over its thoughts and memories. The sub-conscious is huge and ever revealing since it reflects the infinite journey of the soul

Even the science has proven that we are all energy and everything that exists is vibrating at different frequency. At a Soul level, our subconscious mind registers each experience as a memory that is waiting to be remembered and resolved.

While our mind is programmed to believe only in what can be experienced through the five physical senses, the sixth sense and other Clair senses are vital to experience healing beyond the physical.

Once we start realizing the expanse of your journey; And how those millions and millions of small experiences spread out over time have converged to form us in this present moment, the need to compare self with others and demean self will simply drift away.
A past memory whether its from the childhood of current life or past lives is just an experience that the energies couldn’t accept or imbibe due to the sheer intensity of the emotions involved. Like a detective, it retraces the steps to solve a mystery.

Our past life’s memories do exist somewhere in our sub-conscious mind. An American psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson, says, He worked for the University of Virginia School of Medicine for fifty years and did extensive work with children (most of them under five) who could recall their past lives. And he even visited the homes and situations of these children’s past lives to ensure the accounts were credible.

Like him, there are numerous experts who have studied the cases of reincarnation including Dr Jim B. Tucker. However, the biggest evidence is that when one is healed of their past life memories, their lives start changing to an extent that their medical reports change, and they are sometimes healed from things that medical sciences could neither diagnose nor resolve.

Louise Hay, Anita Munjani and there are several other people who have published accounts of their experiences through their subtle energies that healed them of Cancer and other such diseases to complete astonishment of their medical practitioners.

Our thoughts and emotions are signals or expressions from our sub-conscious mind to our conscious, conveying whats happening inside.

Our consciousness today is the final number that represents the turnover on our souls balance sheet. And in this wonderful time of massive shifts, it is easier than ever for our Souls to shed off the old limiting paradigm and move into a brand-new avatar.
So, if you wish to revamp your life to manifest love and abundance, the first step is to reengineer your consciousness and own your personal responsibility to make wiser choices!

It is only when we week out our ‘being a victim’ mentality, own our shadow self and ‘become the creator of our own destiny’, that the Law of Attraction truly starts to align in our highest best.
Remember, the Universe cant do anything for you only if it can do through you!

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